Restoring an Antique Log Home

Old Log Cabin

Image Courtesy of Old Log Cabins

Did you have major plans for that old log home that came with the property you just bought? Maybe you got a great deal on a log home because it needed repair. Whatever your reason, log homes are historical treasures and most of the time, you can restore them back to their original charm and beauty.


As with many construction companies, our business began in the renovation and remodeling arena. Over the years we have completed a multitude of projects, including full restoration to small remodel and repair projects.


Despite being primarily known as a custom home builder, we haven’t forgotten where it all began–with renovation, remodeling, and restoration projects.


We have worked on homes in the Shenandoah Valley dating back to the early 1900’s as well as a complete restoration of an “antique” log home dating back to the mid 1800’s. We enjoy the diverse work involved in restoring older properties and bringing life back into each, whether it be restoring the home to its original architecture or introducing new products and styles.


Restoration-Maintenance-Repair~~element49So if you have ever considered restoring an antique log home, we can help.  We have the skills and experience to take a structure like this and turn it into something like this recently restored log home.


What sets us apart is the fact that we consider ourselves “craftsmen” and make every effort to recreate the beauty and quality workmanship used by the original builders of each property.


Over the years, we’ve been able to stay true to our roots and provide the same quality, integrity, and customer service that you want in a builder. Find out why Prelip is the right builder for you. Check out our Restoration Gallery here and contact us today to start your restoration project.

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